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BeautyJoy is a website that is to play games that you get to socialized and play challenging games together as a team or verse each other. As well create your own 3D character to go anywhere as other users or yourself creates a  world of their own. Have fun creating your own world and character to express yourself and explore.

I got most of these ideas from PlaystationHome, Sims, and many games that has co-op that you get to explore with friends and players. That you get to show what you ware, have, and look of your own perspective. I created the logo to show as a virtual game and tech. That I put the first letter of the name in the image. I wanted to create a diamond shape to make the image visible to show as an arrow on a player.I chose the color blue for the main character’s image and as a sky that it is open. But it is only temporary that other people would like to change their theme to a different color. in the web I wanted to create something small that doesn’t have so much information and that can lead you to where you want to go. It is also same thing with the mobile but a lot smaller than on the computer.


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Artists Coding


Article: The Golden Quarter


The article is mainly aiming about the age and birth between 1945 and 1971.That it was the beginning of a new change and evolution that will change everything. That technology was changing and being upgraded. Not just technology but human society as well is changing. Music started to change, people’s style and behavior started to change. The Golden Quarter also had some effect of equality and innovations. Their was a lot of change between researching and with the capitalism that it also had effect with the money.

I guess I would agree that indeed their was definitely a change that music, society, capitalism, science, the capitalism, has made s different shift of change. We start to look different, we have better computers and phones that we almost now need a internet. The media and society has significantly change of how we dress, style, talk, behave, differently during the 1900s. Not only that the government and the transportation on vehicles has change that things made things go faster and have more security.

Coding Examples of Mine

Article:Turing Complete Users


The article is talking about how they want the world think differently of how and what’s the difference between Users and People. That People are like the organization in using computers that they design and develops new things. The Users are like the creators that wants to look for something  and do something that makes them feel more comfortable. They talk about how they see things differently because they are very busy of doing their own goal or project that makes look like of being a creator. That Users has many ways of advancing and can make things change in the future. That in now generation they are trying to change of how they pronounce Users to People that are also busy and creative.

I guess I would agree to this article, that there are Users that are very creative and busy that they come come up with amazing goals. That each User has a creative goal that they want to achieve that is using the computer as a better way and interfering with society and the media. I guess for example that right now I am showing my type of designs that I think it would make others have a different feeling and opinion. That I am posting my designs that I create in Adobe that is with photos, images, and videos. As a user I guess I like to show that am being creative that my goal is to show my skills of design.

Web Design and Presentation Layout




Web Design Layout


Created another Web Design by using my own images and my type demonstration that represents me.


PSD Webpage Layout



Page I redesigned:

Pages that I was inspired: ,

The most one that inspired me to change Warframe’s webpage is the teaser-trailers website because when I see it one a cell phone it will be showing the images, titles, and the description of the movies or TV series that once you click it, it will send you in a different page that shows the full information of the film. I also like how it shows a search, likes, and comments on how you give your opinion of the film. It also gives news on what they are teasing and revealing that will give you disappointment or excitement on the film that will be coming out.